Faces and Stories of SDGs: SKBP KBs Alyssa, Madeline, Michelle, Mariel, and Jaylon

We interviewed KBs Alyssa, Madeline, Michelle, Mariel, and Jaylon and asked them about their personal and organizational initiatives to achieve the SDGs for a good cause and movement. Here’s what motivated them to start a movement and tips on how to be an SDG advocate.

Volunteerism is fueling our future

With only 10 years left to achieve our ideal future, our world leaders are tackling on how to double the effort in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. This new decade calls for more bold voices and actions. A new set of young heroes is already mobilizing and setting footprints for the future in achieving aContinue reading “Volunteerism is fueling our future”

How an orphanage gave him his lifelong advocacy

An orphanage in Manila fed him when he was still in college and this act of kindness gave him his lifelong advocacy. Edward Baldago Era or also known as “Kuya Ewa” is the founder of Munting Hiling Foundation and President of Samahan ng Kabataang Boluntaryo ng Pilipinas. He’s also a Philanthropist, Educator, Mentor and Speaker.Continue reading “How an orphanage gave him his lifelong advocacy”