Achieving development with peace

To reduce conflicts and achieve peace, every individual must participate in the process. Advocating peace through various forms such as showing respect for one’s fundamental rights, promoting the rule of law, holding officials or institutions accountable for their actions, participating in decision-making at all levels, and promoting transparency.

Peace is beyond “solving conflicts”

“Individuals must perform their duties and uphold ideals that promote growth and development in order to create peace. Upholding one’s rights, promoting the rule of law, ensuring accountability and transparency, and pushing for harmony can bring about peace.”

How an orphanage gave him his lifelong advocacy

An orphanage in Manila fed him when he was still in college and this act of kindness gave him his lifelong advocacy. Edward Baldago Era or also known as “Kuya Ewa” is the founder of Munting Hiling Foundation and President of Samahan ng Kabataang Boluntaryo ng Pilipinas. He’s also a Philanthropist, Educator, Mentor and Speaker.Continue reading “How an orphanage gave him his lifelong advocacy”